A city maybe better known for its lax policies on marijuana, Denver is a growing metropolis with a thriving beer culture as well. The 300+ days of sunshine annually allow for you and friends or family to sit outside and enjoy the weather while sipping a crispy beer. We have outlined a few places for you to relax and explore the brewery scene in the Mile High City.


Woods Boss Brewing Company

Founded in 2017, this taproom sits inside the Five Points neighborhood. The bar has a custom wood finish taken from ethically sourced Redwood trees. It is a critical part of the ambiance of Woods Boss so make sure to take a few sips there. The beers are well priced, between 3 and 7 dollars each along with a Crowler size. 


Address: 2210 California St, Denver, CO 80205

Website: https://www.woodsbossbrewing.com/ 

Contact: (720) 642-7177

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Prost Brewing Company

This beer garden holds multiple awards over the course of a decade of brewing. They use German grown hops and mix them with Colorado malts in order to create their confections. They do have three locations in Colorado but the downtown location is in a prime spot near the South Platte River. 


Address: 2540 19th St, Denver, CO 80211

Website: https://prostbrewing.com/ 

Contact: (303) 729-1175


14er Brewing and Beer Company

Located in an enormous industrial hall just north of Coors Field this brewery has indoor/outdoor seating. They are in the River North Air District and have 31 handles from which to choose. They can host meetings or events as well. The beers are a little more pricey between $7-8.


Address: 3120 Blake St Ste C, Denver, CO 80205

Website: http://www.14erbrewing.com/ 

Contact: (720) 773-1437

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Reverence Brewing Company

Situated in the City Park West neighborhood and recently opened in the summer of 2021, the owners are a cute couple who both possess experience in the industry. They focus on a few main taps and the beers are all $8. This profit pays it forward and pays 1% of their profits to local businesses.


Address: 1604 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Website: https://www.reverencebrewingcompany.com/ 

Contact: (720) 512-7730

Cerebral Brewing

With the motto of “A scientific approach to brewing,” this Congress Park brewery began in 2015. Their operation seems to be growing and will soon have 3 locations. Precise methodology and exact specifications do not limit their selection though.


Address: 1477 Monroe St, Denver, CO 80206

Website: http://cerebralbrewing.com/ 

Contact: (303) 927-7365


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